Monday, August 18, 2008

Join the dialogue!

Humanism has no chance unless we're talking about it. Most other humanist sites on the Internet are informational, but provide little outlet for your input, and almost none to really argue your point of view.

The Evangelical Humanist Forum is gaining momentum, with essays and robust dialog by Humanists of all kinds, including those for whom religion is no bar to their essential humanist attitudes.

Please feel welcome! We would love to hear your views, even when you disagree with us! Please join us on the forum.

Or, go directly to any essay of interest to you, and have your say for or against. We love debate!

Essays include:

What Humanism Means to Me (And What it Doesn't): Speaks for itself.

The Very First Skeptic: A short poem, a little ironic.

The God in Your Head is Real: Oh, yes, there is at least one god I believe in, and it scares me.

Scripture: Moral Guide or Ink Blot?: Lambeth conference quoted lots of scripture, but resolved little on the issues dividing the Church of England

Margaret Somerville: Wrong to Protest Though the Reasons are Good: Canadian ethicist objects to same-sex marriage, but the Evangelical Humanist respectfully disagrees.

Remarks by Bill Siksay on Same Sex Marriage: Parliamentarian makes great speech in the House of Commons, before same-sex marriage is okayed by Canadian Parliament.

Diatribe: "The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists: The Evangelical Humanist critiques Rav Zacharias' book, and the foreward by Lee Strobel.

The Catholic Church in Error: If the church is going to play politics, maybe it's time to revoke tax-exempt status.

The Psychological Basis for Moral Behaviour: Our own evolution has helped to define our morality, not God.

The Great Divide: Believers/Skeptics: How can we understand one another?

And so very many more...


The Evangelical Humanist is not a religious site! I suspect many stay away because they think it is. NO!

The name is a meant to be a bit tonque-in-cheek, taken from the Greek "eu" meaning good, and "angelos" meaning messenger. Evangelical Humanist. Humanism is good news.

On the other hand, the Evangelical Humanist doesn't despise religious people, either. While committed to the principle of separation of church and state, we are comfortable with the religious views of people for whom the worth and dignity of every human person is still a core value. How else could we lay any claim to our strong belief in an open and pluralistic society?

Please visit the forum, and join the conversation. Humanism needs your voice.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Essays moved!

All of the Evangelical Humanist's essays have been moved to the forum, where it is much easier to respond to them -- or even get into some good dialogue about them.

The Evangelical Humanist does not discriminate, and welcomes Humanists (and everybody else) of every stripe. Religious? We have lots of room and love for you. Atheist? You, too. Agnostic? Well, we don't have the answer, but we'll add more questions!

Want to contribute essays of your own on topics of interest to other Humanists? We can do that on the forum! Your contribution and thoughts on making the world just a little more livable for all of its creatures are most welcome. Welcome to the EvangelicalHumanist Forum